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Ah, the viral video.

Shocking, entertaining, and heartwarming, spreading like wildfire

Fun animal videos like “Ultimate Dog Tease” and “Geese Surf Glenwood Wave”

Creative commercials like “Cooties” and the epic compilation of before scenes in TV infomercials like “As seen on TV- a tribute to doing it wrong”.

You also have the smart marketing commercials like “Fedex- Cast Away Commercial” which allows us to finally get a peek inside that stranded package.

You have touching classics like “Dick and Rick Hoyt” where father and disabled son run Read More »

Viral videos are videos that receive thousands, if not millions of views within a matter of hours or days. Many times, viral videos become sensations overnight and are spread throughout the world. There are many different ways viral videos are commonly shared today depending on the content and the individual who choose to share them.


Blogs are one way viral videos are frequently shared, providing a platform for writers and bloggers alike to promote content and videos they enjoy.

News Feeds

You can also find Read More »

Finding some of the top viral videos online can actually be a little more difficult than you might have thought. If you’re looking for a specific viral video, there are a couple of ways that you can accomplish this without having to scour the Internet for hours. One of the best ways to get to a particular viral video is to search for it on a popular video site. Put in any keyword you can think of that would describe the video you’re Read More »

So there’s this dog on the internet named Denver and boy did he do something bad.

If you get your TV through, then you might have caught this internet superstar on Good Morning America. And, if you missed it there, YouTube has a video documenting his criminal act that skyrocketed him from viral video superstar to multimedia darling.

The viral video goes a little something like this:

Owner comes home. Owner sees torn, empty wrapper of cat treats on the floor. Owner finds Denver sitting in the corner, head low, eyes clenched shut, teeth bared in a show of submission and tail wagging pitifully.

Denver’s guilt was apparent and that coupled with the choice of music was the perfect formula for a cute and emotive viral video that people are still talking about, years later. Unlike other viral videos that focus on repetition and annoying (catchy) sounds, the focus of Denver is the deep display of emotion not found in a lot of dogs.

Denver takes on an almost human quality and you can’t help but get hooked the minute that dog takes center stage. Sure, Denver was guilty when it came to eating the cat treats, but more than that, he’s guilty of being absolutely adorable.

We’ve all seen them, the silly little videos our friends and family send via email; the compilation shows on TV with hilarious, sometimes painful videos; even the sites online with archives full of them. Viral videos, short, generally amatuer recorded videos, seen and shared in high volumes all over the internet, are becoming a staple in todays media circuit. These videos, usually only a few minutes long at most provide people on the go with comedy, music, inspiration, and Read More »

We all love clever advertising and the ones that we really enjoy go viral shortly afterwards. Advertising agencies are always trying to out do their last marketing campaign so that they get get more exposure and more fans. There are some that are not as innovative as others. Then there are those that are meant for water cooler fodder, those videos that garner tens of millions of view of Youtube because they are just that creative. Read More »

Video marketing is a powerful way to get your sales message out to the public and even if you’re not making videos yourself you can still take advantage of the power of viral video. Here are some of the ways that companies are using viral videos for marketing purposes.

Ad Revenue

A video doesn’t necessarily need to have a sales message to make money. On YouTube they have ads on their video pages that bring Read More »

Some of the funniest and weirdest viral videos have emerged in just the last few years, but with so many to choose from it can be hard to narrow down which had more of an impact. There are some that just stand out however and are easy to pick from the rest. The first of these would have to be “The Evolution of Dance” as seen on YouTube, showing how dance has evolved over the years in a tasteful but short video.

Others that have been weirder like Chris Crockers “Leave Brittany Alone” have garnered more mixed reactions, causing their Read More »

Viral Videos are being created every day. However, very few people know the history of the viral video. Viral videos have been made a little bit before the 21st century. Before viral videos were shared pages. Those pages would scroll down for an eternity. They had no sound and no animation. The pages were full of surprisingly bad grammar. They did have images. One example of this was the Auburn kid. Some time later, someone had a site and posted pictures of himself wearing Peter Pan costumes.Want more? Click here{{/tag} In the old days, the videos were put on their own sites. However, things would change in the 21st Century when video sharing becomes available. As the Internet advanced and capabilities grew, the user would eventually be able to stream videos that move at a smooth rate. Video sharing sites eventually became available. Now, there is always a video that is uploaded that goes viral. Normally, videos that go viral are very funny,, showcase amazing talent, are heartwarming or so unbelievably stupid. You can use your viral video to market your products by posting a link on the page of the video. You can also put the link inside the video that is playing.